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Our Story

Tiramisu' Lab is the expression of my love for Tiramisu’… A concept of passion for the most famous cake in the world.

Cake delivery, dessert shop online, cake shop, Tiramisu' bar, dessert shop ; call as you like it, it is just too good to be true. :)
We started in Hong Kong's rich cake and pastry environment and we are the only cake delivery in Hong Kong specialized in Tiramisu'.
Just like a flower delivery or gift delivery, but we are a dessert shop :)
“Hong Kong peoples loves cakes and Tiramisu’”
It is a cake delivery shop specialized in Tiramisu' where you can choose your favorite Tiramisu; within or 30 plus flavors. Caramel Misu', Coconut Misu', Rocky Road Misu', Cheesecake Misu', Strawberry Misu', and more… 
Our Tiramisu recipe comes directly from the original one.
We hope that you find something here that'll help or make you pull yourself up (mentally, physically, or spiritually) and feel better - and hope you stay here a while.

Ermanno Lelli

vegan-tiramisu- cake delivery
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