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The Real Story Of Tiramisu’, My Tiramisu’ Lab, and the Brotherhood of Tiramisu’

Tiramisu is literally the most famous cake in the world. However, most people don't know the history of Tiramisu. We'll be giving you the story of Tiramisu and why Tiramisu’ Lab came to be!

I felt in love with Tiramisu’ when I was 8 years old. At my Friend’s birthday party (Michele from Bari), his mum baked an amazing Tiramisu’, I still remember the taste of it and the flavors… strong coffee, and the egg yolk was so rich.

Well… that was the best Tiramisu’ ever, and Michele became our best friend since then :)


In the reality, (at that time we didn’t know Michele yet haha), me and my cousin just crashed the party and devoured all the cake.

They were so amused by those 2 baby party crashers (me and my cousin) that they welcomed us and we became part of the family.

Nowadays, after 36 years, Me, Michele and my cousin, are basically brothers, all due to the Tiramisu’...

The brotherhood of Tiramisu’ 😊

But... What is the Real Story Of Tiramisu?

Tiramisu originated in the mid of 1900 in the brothels of the beautiful northern Italian city of Treviso, which was famed for its sexually liberal customs and pleasure-seeking population.

Tiramisu literally means "pull me up, raise me up,” It is derived from the Treviso dialect "Tireme su," which was Italianized into Tiramisù in the second half of the twentieth century.

"Siora" who ran the site made this amorous dessert to serve to visitors at the end of the day to revive them and resolve any problems they might have with their marital obligations upon returning to their wives.

This dessert was introduced to the menu of the modern Le Beccherie restaurant, which is located in a historic inn in Treviso's city center.

To back up this story, we have the Tiramisù's nutritional and calorie-dense ingredients: eggs, ladyfinger biscuits, sugars, coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa.

The popular version of Italy's most famous dessert consists of layers of Savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits that have been individually dipped, one at a time, in a mascarpone cream cheese and coffee powder whipped mixture. Some chefs use Marsala wine and cocoa powder in their preparations.

Not just in the taste, but also in the mind, ecstasy is triggered by a harmony of flavors.

However, the brothel's original recipe was a bit different and simpler. It was named “sbatudìn” which basically translates to "shake me, hit me."

The “sbatudìn” was an energizing concoction that was claimed to be capable of resurrecting the dead. It consisted of egg yolk and sugar that had been beaten together, and even today, Italian mothers give their infants a cupful of it to help them grow strong and muscular.

It was rumored that making tiramisu was a team effort. When brothels closed for the week, clients would still pop up with ingredients for “sbatudìn”. The merchant gave coffee grains to the lady sex workers, mushy biscuits to the artisan, and ground chocolate and mascarpone pots to the bourgeois.

Prostitutes and clients ate lunch together, chatting and getting excited about the tiramisu that would be given at the end of the meal. After devouring the cake, it was time to get intimate.

There are several facets of reality in folklore, as is common: Tiramisù is an Italian dish that originated in Treviso.

The Story Of “Tiramisu’ Lab” By Ermanno Lelli

Tiramisu' Lab is the expression of my love for Tiramisu’ … A concept of passion for the most famous cake in the world.

We started in Hong Kong's rich cake and pastry environment.

“Hong Kong peoples loves cakes and Tiramisu’”

It is a cake delivery shop specialized in Tiramisu' where you can choose your favorite Tiramisu; within or 30 plus flavors. Caramel Misu', Coconut Misu', Rocky Road Misu', Cheese Cake Misu', Strawberry Misu', and more…

Our Tiramisu recipe comes directly from the original one.

We hope that you find something here that'll help or make you pull yourself up (mentally, physically, or spiritually) and feel better - and hope you stay here a while.

Ermanno Lelli

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